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Methods Applied By Industrial Carpet Cleaning Companies

Carpets come in various shapes, brands, colors, and materials but still perform the same function they were designed for. Common as they are in most households and commercial places today, they cannot be cleaned at home by the Do It Yourself approach. It is only an expert who knows what chemicals to use on what brand to minimize the damages and achieve the best results. The carpet cleaners who do the tasks professionally are the best choice when one’s carpet needs a cleanup. Depending on the type of carpet and material used during its manufacturing process, the most suitable method has to be applied. There are numerous techniques of carpeting cleaning available the carpet cleaning sector that are applied by the companies that offer the carpet cleaning services.

The hot water extraction cleaning, popularly known as the steam carpet cleaning, applies the use of high pressure to disturb the fibers on the carpet and soften the dirt for easier removal. After wetting the floor covering with the hot water and softening the dirt, cleaning materials are applied, and a brush used to forcefully remove the dirt. The cleaning agent usually loosens the dirt for easy work during the rinsing process then the carpet dried in a cool, dry place such as in a dry room or near an air conditioner.

The carpet shampooing was the most common back in the 1970s before the emergence of the use of the synthetic bases in carpet cleaning. It is the most suitable and convenient for heavily soiled carpets which require full-service cleaning. Despite the advantage of heavy cleaning, the carpet shampooing has a number of drawbacks that a client should be well aware of before going for it.

It entails applying a synthetic stain remover whose nature is usually a base on the spots of dirt and removed when they dry. The dislodged dirt particles are also encapsulated together with the powder during cleaning leaving the carpet dry and clean, and it is eventually vacuumed or brushed to remove the stubborn powder. The method is environmentally friendly, requires less drying time and uses less water although it is not suitable for heavily soiled carpets.

It entails the use of relatively heavy and costly machinery that cleans only the upper side which is time effective but not acceptable to some other clients. Places with a large number of customers such as airports and established business entities commonly use this technique since it is the most convenient for them and any other place with many people using the section to be cleaned that one must be quick enough during cleaning to minimize on creating inconveniences. The drawback that comes with this method is it not clean the lower side which makes it run dirt over and over again at short time intervals.

The dry cleaning technique requires minimal drying time since it does not involve the use of water. It is safe for all types of carpets, requires no drying hours and the most efficient too.

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