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A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Right Duck Hunting Kayak

Duck hunting can be both a fun and a satisfying hobby, but only if hunters have the equipment they need to find success. The use of kayaks in duck hunting has been on the rise in recent years thanks primarily to their lower cost and their utility. Read on to find a review that can help hunters determine which type of kayak is the Best Kayak For Duck Hunting.

Desirable Attributes

Lightweight kayaks tend to be better for duck hunting, as they are easy to push into the water. Hunters looking to purchase new kayaks should also ensure that they provide reliable camouflage and that they are easy to carry. Read on to find out about a few top picks.

Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind

This kayak makes it easy to reach even extremely out of the way hunting grounds and has an ultra-low profile that’s perfect for getting close to waterfowl without making a fuss. It also features enough storage space for fishing poles, coolers, and other essential items. The Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind also features a built-in transom that allows boaters to attach motors with 2 HP ratings, making it easier to maneuver, and serves a double purpose as a land blind.

Beavertail 400238 Duck Hunting Kayak

As the name implies, this kayak was designed specifically with the needs of duck hunters in mind. It features a durable and extremely stable catamaran style hull, which allows it to support the extra weight of plenty of hunting gear and to stay in position in the water after recoils. Like the kayak described above, this duck hunting kayak is also camouflaged and can even support vegetation straps.

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10

This product is a bit more expensive than the two kayaks described above, but its devout enthusiasts firmly believe that it is worth the extra money. Its stable and efficient polyethylene hull and spacious cockpit offer more longevity and the ability to store gear and even stand inside the kayak. Unlike most kayaks, it also features an anchor system and a trolley system, adjustable foot braces, and an extremely comfortable padded Flex seat, which, when put together, offer impressive control.