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Signs That Suggest One Has ADHD

Attention deficit or hyperactive disorder is a condition that is quite difficult to diagnose and ascertain you have it or not. Most people with this disorder do not even know about it and this becomes hard for them to make changes that will help them. The disorder is known to make patients become restless, forgetful or constantly irritated among other symptoms. Tests are conducted on people to determine whether they are positive or not or some questions can be asked and answers used to confirm.

If a person is not able to respond quickly in situations of crisis such as fires and such, it is likely they do not have the disorder. People with this disorder are known to be quick and effective to handle crisis and emergency by making maximum use of adrenaline produced then. If there has never been a family member with the disorder, it is not common for one to have this disorder.

The disorder is usually inherited since it is a genetic disorder and thus if there is no case of the disorder among family members it is less likely for one to have it.The disorder is known to make patients feel as if they are not living to their full potential or think they are underachieving. One can also know by considering how punctual they are in completing tasks given to them since patients are usually late. If a person is able to clearly remember what they just said a while ago without taking much time, it likely they do not have the disorder.

When you frequently forget what you just said or where you placed an item, chances of having the disorder are quite high. People who are good at listening and speak less often than they listen are not common to have this disorder. If a person is usually neat and maintains their things in order, they are likely to be normal and do not have this disorder.

People who usually get lost and cannot keep time are more likely to have the disorder because it makes them lose track of time. If one is comfortable and not disturbed by being in crowded and noisy places or they can watch disturbing movies it is rare for them to be patients of this disorder. When one is able to control their responses especially for little things it is possible they do not have this disorder because it leads to overreacting.

Unlike normal people, patients of the disorder can sleep quite normally even after taking a lot of energizing foods and drinks. People having the disorder tend to create long lists of things they plan to do due to being hyperactive. There are some people with this disorder who are actually successful and good at certain things which mean it is not the end if you are diagnosed with it.

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